About Us
The Community Compass is a team of communication experts, technologists, designers, artists, marketers, publishers, most importantly fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and neighbors with the central vision to deliver a connected community through interactive, social and traditional media.

We consider ourselves a family of revolutionary thinkers.

We believe in turning things upside-down, shaking them up and putting them back together in ways nobody thought of before. This "beyond the box" thinking applies to every aspect of our group and associates.  Our people love their work, and because of that passion, you get not just what you've asked for, but what you never thought possible.

Our Mission
At the Community Compass we want to bring the community together again. We like to see consumers and businesses mingle just like they did before the Internet. We do so by helping communities become more visible to web users, provide only information they are interested for, help them re-discover and re-attach with their communities. 

Our mission is to use technology in a transparent way, change the rules of engagement; bring businesses and local people closer to home, entertain, unite, share, and help the community not only stand on its own, but become an integral part of the global economy.

Did You Know...
Did you know that following 20 years of Internet technology and innovations more than 15 million Main Street Businesses have no practical means to effectively use the web to engage people in their community?  

Newspapers and magazines are a dying breed; TV and Radio are fighting for 2nd place. The web is the preferred method for most to socialize, get their news and search for stuff.

On another note, even web users are getting disillusioned with pop ups, pop downs, email, spam, texting, and all the "in your face" approaches advertisers use to get people's attention.

So how can a small downtown business get the attention it needs to stay in business and prosper?

How can we overcome, lonely Main streets, closed stores, no help wanted. At the Community Compass we feel we have the formula.
Raising Revenue
If the Internet age, recessions, and social changes have taught us anything, it is that traditional marketing no longer works. And, if we learned from the past, increasing revenue not lowering expenses is what is vital for the future of any business, family and community.

If people only knew what is available around them, local revenues would jump 10-20% without trying. Increased revenue will help fund what otherwise must be cut.

The Community Compass is taking action and we are inviting you to join. Everyone is welcome because "The Power of Unity cannot be achieved by members only". There is no cost to join the Community or to enjoy/benefit from features no one else offers.

We sincerely hope you join.
In simple terms, all revenue generated within a community stays in the community. Businesses make their deposits into a local bank, the local bank use of local businesses deposits is limited to local loans and local mortgages distributions. Local money stays local creating self supported independent micro economies.