The Community

Welcome to the Community Compass 
the new age of social framework for businesses and consumers.
The Observation

If there is one thing that has been slowly disappearing from our society is the sense of community.  Technology is taking over our communities, our families and our lives. Before we realize it, we'll be taking virtual vacations and engage in virtual relationships.
The Community Compass Awareness Initiative

The Community Compass Initiative plans include bringing people closer to home, entertain, unite, and share, focusing back into community, help it stand on its own, socially and economically, all while making it an active participant in the global scene.
 "The Power of Unity is not possible by members only"

Twenty Years of Technology and Innovation

Have you noticed that following 20 years of Internet innovations 15 million Businesses and 300 million have no practical means to effectively use the web and engage with others in their community?  Even after Google, Yahoo, MSN a few years ago realized that "the local community" is where the market is, other than acknowledging the fact, very little has been done for communities to simply relay a message to their people.

See what the Community Compass Awareness Initiative does for businesses, communities and the social scene.

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