Project "Momzey"

Momzey is the Internet Playground for you and your family, your neighbors and your community. Where everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. It's a reflections of where and who you are, the community you live in. Momzey includes people, businesses and organization. It's the easiest way for everyone to talk online and make all of our lives better in the real world. It's a mirror of the present, a telescope to tomorrow, the book of yesterday. It's addictive and it's free.

Community are assembled one at time, accuracy is maintained by Momzey and local moderators. 

People use Momzey to: Quickly get their word out or in, plan a day, act and react, check for school on a snowy day, today's specials,

Businesses use Momzey to: Quickly get their word out to the people, customers and employees

Organizations use Momzey to: Quickly get their word out to the people and members.

Momzey Communicates: What's happening in your community is delivered to you in one click by mail, tweet, text and web. What happens away from you is by town, zip or subscription. It is proactive, active and reactive, and you choice,

Momzey Helps: Get the community moving again, strolling on Main Street, fairs in the park, garage sales, keep an eye out for each other.

Momzey Delivers: everything you need to know about what's going on around you in one click.

Momzey's mission is to bring back that sense of comm-unity that once was the heart beat of our neighborhoods, using the latest tools and technology already widely accepted by everyone.

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Project "Stay Informed"

Exactly what it implies. is our website where users and businesses can subscribe and receive notifications by eMail. 

In time we expect to limit eMail correspondence to newer communities and to subscribers that insist in eMail. To opt-in or opt-out please visit You will receive a confirmation eMail and instructions on how select and specify your choices.

As our subscribers grow, you can expect to receive your information selections via a simple application designed to run on your desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, without the need of the browser. The application runs both when you request it or when something special is happening  within the choices and selections you have opted for.

Stay Informed, click here to get started

Classifieds by Town
For those using, unless you enjoy negotiating for an item that maybe miles or hours away from you, you may find a little refreshing.  Just enter a zip code, and search for what's around. If you find what you are looking for you know you don't have to travel far.

The service is 100% free to all our members. Just abide by the rules and be a model citizen.

Classifieds By Town is new and may not be as populated as you would like when you first go to it. We expect it will become well populated as people discover the ease of use for both selling and buying.  
Project "Carrot Coalition"
The Carrot Coalition is a community for foodies with all levels of interest and skill. It’s a place for chefs, aspiring chefs, culinary students, teachers, schools, and casual cooks. Users can express their opinions and form their own experience, participating in everything from sharing recipes and menus to sounding philosophies on the ever-changing hospitality industry.

A place where chefs, aspiring chefs, culinary students, teachers, schools, and casual cooks can post their experiences and resumes.

A place where restaurant owners explore for new talent by simply subscribing to articles and resumes.

Go ahead post a critique of your latest restaurant adventure, start your group, share ideas, and help turn people who eat to live into people who live to eat, and help shape and reshape taste buds to glorious flavors and healthy living.

Reminder: you will have to register to post or subscribe, it's the only way we can communicate with you right now.

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Project "Amazing Locals"
Still on planning stages, is an assembly of local virtual malls. Designed specifically to cut the shipping and wait that comes when shopping online. The primary purpose of these malls is to make local community shops more visible online without the individualized expenses necessary to make it to the top of the list. The idea of reducing advertising expense, and keeping as much revenue as possible in the community helps you save time and money in many ways.
  • When you pickup you don't pay for shipping
  • when you pay sales taxes it helps your schools, and local initiatives
  • keeps jobs in your communities
What can you expect to find on

Merchandize here is quite different than a regular mall, you go to a regular everyday mall and you have virtually gone to all US malls. Here, on shopkeepers are the same shopkeepers you find on Main Street USA, they take a lot of pride and go out of their way in selecting unique products that are different than what every shop carries. In addition, of giving you the flexibility to shop online, you also have the flexibility to have your purchases delivered or pickup them up yourself on your way home. Most importantly, experience the friendly and exclusive service small shops can afford you.

What can you purchase on

from flowers to cheese, from appliances to shoes, from toys to gifts. You won't always find all shop carries online but you will get the gist of what you will find on the shop only minutes away from where you are.

Project "Ninety Percent Off" is a shopping mall for discount vouchers. You have seen discount vouchers sold at 50% off. We have seen businesses go out of business because of it. Basically deal hunters hunt for deals. Here users and deal hunters can buy discount vouchers at up to 90% off face value and pay only 10%.

Ay Users and deal hunters will get the value they are looking for at up to 90% off while protecting businesses from excess.
These incredible deals will be issued in limited quantity, designed to fill slow business gaps, and introduce new customers.

Vouchers will range from $5. to Hundreds depending on the businesses and what they can afford. Most Low priced vouchers are available free of charge.

Coming soon