The Community Compass Awareness Initiative
Dear Community Business Owner,

Greetings! Take Back Main Street from the Internet using the Internet is “The Community Compass Awareness Initiative”.

As you know the Internet has become that magical playground everyone plays on, just like they did on the Main Streets and Town Squares before it. 

The Community Compass may not be here now, but it will and when it is, it will start with a wager. Our wager is simple, you pay nothing unless we help your business get more customers, all while we build up our brand name. Signup now and discover the value, the risk is all ours.

Get you new customers by providing our users the information they want before they wander into internet. Best of all you'll never have to deal with any more competition than you already face where you are.

Before the Community Compass, first you paid then waited for your ads to work. STOP! That’s a bad rule. The Community Compass doesn't expect payment unless you’ve seen amazing results and want to continue with the program. If our confidence astounds you, the results will excite you.

People appreciate what we do because we tell them nothing more than what than they ask for, we know many will become high quality leads and loyal customers for your businesses.

"Do or do not, there is no try!" -Yoda

"Our offer is to feature your business for a month or two or three (depending how new we are in your marketplace); after that time you'll have the option to either retain our service because you've seen amazing results, or let us go and pay nothing."

Does that seem fair?

P.S. We'll even show you the secret on how to overcome bad and unfair reviews no matter where they come from or who posted them.

P.S. Please also click here to review what we do and how we bring the community closer together.