It's a Wake-up Call
If the Internet age, recessions, and social changes are teaching us anything, it is that traditional advertising no longer works. And, if we learned from the past, increasing revenue not lowering expenses is what is vital for the future of businesses, families and our communities.

Distractions are everywhere, people's attention is not growing, which means you have to grab the attention you want that someone else has today.

Nothing generates visibility and interest like the Community Way - We are mastering the art of delivering your message via web, email, text, and print exactly the way people want it.

Here's what to do.
For best results, start your campaign now and follow up weekly as necessary.

  1. Create a promotion.
    Your message is not newsworthy unless it truly sets your business apart from the competition. Did you know that many large department stores have discreetly eliminated gift-wrapping services? Donating a percentage of profits to a local charity is a great thing to publicize, and certainly worthy of announcing.

    Always remember "your business will never be exposed to any more competition it is already exposed to."

  2. Publish your copy with an exclusive angle.
    Are you the only business in the community to offer certain must-have for the holidays? Or the only service of its kind? That's good: "first and only" and other exclusives are perfect content for announcing. Write up your story and we’ll publish it. The Community Compass will place it on the search engines where journalists (and customers) use for their research.

  3. Follow up.
    Whether or not our and yours subscribers have picked up on your news, you can continue leveraging your promotion after it occurs. Place banners by your storefront, nothing extravagant, anything eye catching and plain spoken.

Ready to get going? Your window of opportunity is short. For many magazine editors, journalists and bloggers, planning begins months in advance. While the Community Compass can strike in minutes, it is your readiness and copy that is most important.

And, remember advertising as you know today won't cut it. Newspapers and magazines are a dying breed; TV and Radio are fighting for 2nd place; and we don't have to tell you the results your existing advertisers are achieving for you. The web is the preferred method for most people to socialize, get their news, stay entertained and search for anything.

For inspiration and help on how to create your promotions click here.