Our Promise and Our Mission
If we are not in your community, please wait a minute.
  • Is about Main Street, Side Streets and Neighborhoods.

  • Is about Garage Sales, Sidewalk Sales, Pizza Coupons and Daily Specials.

  • Is about Independence Day, Christmas and Veterans Day Parade.

  • Is about Boys, Girls, Men, Women and Young and Old and Black and Yellow and Pink and Red, White and Blue.

  • Is about the Thanksgiving Race, High School Football Games, or just shooting hoops in the driveway. 

  • Is your Neighborhood Watchdog. We are for Main Street, side streets, and neighborhoods.
  • We believe technology is a powerful tool and we are using it to bring communities back together, make neighborhoods stronger, and more self reliant. 

Our mission is to use technology to help revitalize our communities with instant knowledge (your knowledge, the knowledge you share in blogs, articles, announcements and more) one town at a time one article at a time the 21st Century way.

  • Our social network is private where you want it to be and public when you want it to be.
  • Our messages are short and sweet and always what's important to you. All you have to do is click the ONE you care to learn what is going on around you or wherever you want to explore for more.

Our mission with technology is three fold but one click:
  1. An extremely safe, private, no effort way for users to freely share knowledge and ideas with people, friends, and neighbors.
  2. One app solution to keep you clearly informed on your devices of choice.
  3. One Click to what you need to know to make your decision before you must wonder away from your own community.
    One Click, whether at home, car, park, hotel. One Click whether by desktop, tablet or smartphone.
We believe technology will be instrumental in bringing back what was once the sense of unity in the community, neighborhood and our lives.