Take Part of the New Revolution
The Community Compass Awareness Initiative starts with Momzey.

In time the Community Compass and Momzey will become your home away from home.
  1. For the stay at home mom and Dad, a source full of information to make they life easier and more bearable, a simple way to find coupons, specials, only where it's important to you. You won't have to drive miles to save a dollar. Find all the dollars you can save within walking or driving distance.
  2. For frequent travelers and commuters, a simple subscription to the places you like or travel most will keep you in tune as if you never left there.
  3. For the student, one simple click will tell you if today is a snow day so you can get ready or back to bed with just a minor interruption.
  4. For tourists preparing to visit your town, a temporary subscription can extent their vacation before and after their stay.
  5. Also for Mom and Dad, a safe place where kids can mingle with one another while the community keeps them safe.
On Momzey you can post announcements, recipes, articles, blogs and calendar items such as garage and yard sales, and you can review what others like you have posted.
Subscribe to things that are important to you, and besides learning what's going where you are, you can optin to receive, new recipes, blogs, articles, announcement and more minutes after they have been published. As always only what's important to you.